If you have reached my website chances are you are feeling one of the following strong emotions:



And maybe just maybe you’ve decided that what you really want to be is:


Fabulous • Accomplished • Reliable • Resourceful • Accountable • Respected  Organized • Fierce • Calm • Energized • Direct • Mindful and above all flourishing!

If so, then coaching may have something important to offer you.

Consider these issues where coaching can make a big difference:

  • Understanding a recent failure
  • Preventing overload
  • Getting in touch with your true purpose
  • Attracting a mate or new employer
  • Understanding what motivates you
  • New starts – be it a new business, project, diet, job search or career

These are just some of the areas the coaching process brings positive results – and the best part, unlike that diet you tried earlier this year you will own the results. This is the key reason coaching is so effective.  Let’s face it, we can all follow the rules…and maybe get a desired result in the process, but it is only when we set the goals, own the plan and then execute it our way does the change really stick, and isn’t this what you are really looking for? Meaningful change that you can own and the thriving that this brings to your life?

If you you are beginning to get interested here are some other points to be aware of – I’m sharing them on the front page here because I believe in being completely upfront:

  • Coaching is not overwhelming – in either time or expense – I coach most of my clients over the phone – this actually leads to more deep learning for clients and a lot less distraction.  Hey, I’m not a gnome, but most of us can’t delve our deepest emotions with someone looking at us.  I ch
    arge reasonable rates with discounts for individuals that opt for a package – the discovery session will be on me.
  • Coaching is not therapy – I hold a Masters Degree, I am a Certified Professional Coach and Registered Yoga Teacher – but I am not a psychologist, clinical or otherwise.
  • Coaching is not consulting- as your coach I won’t tell you what to do.  Consultants are great – they see a problem and craft solutions. I could too if it was appropriate, especially in employment areas – my day job is in human resources – but coaching is best done with a facilitator not a dictator.
  • Coaching is a proven means to an end that works and is something that you can replicate over and over again in any area of your life where positive change will bring happiness and success. Together we will build on the power of you and from there you can use this amazing gift of yourself wherever it is needed in your life.