About Me

I sought out coaching six years ago when it seemed that everything had stalled in my job. I was going nowhere fast and had no idea how to change the status quo.  I’d heard about coaching by a former boss and seeking a solution that would get me back on track.  I found myself a coach, and boy did it make a difference! It helped me to reinvent myself as a manager and most importantly supported me in becoming a better person – and the new and improved version of me was loads happier.

At the time, I’d been in Human Resources Management for ten years and didn’t expect to be surprised.  I knew by the time my first coaching session was over though that the tools my coach shared in just one hour,  and that little bit of self-discovery were going to be vital to my professional development. It was pivotal in my growth and more importantly my whole life.

The rest is as they say history.  I did my coach training with Leadership That Works a truly great organization.  Since my training, I’ve used these valuable skills every week in my work as a Human Resource Director.  The gift this practice offers the modern workforce is invaluable.

I love private clients for the opportunity it gives me to go deeper than the workplace permits.  My ideal client is someone that like me is at the edge at work (or in their marriage, school), starting a new business or navigating some of the life’s biggest challenges – raising happy, successful children.