Are you living a coaching moment…

We’ve all had those days where we are convinced we don’t deserve this title.  Frequently this is precipitated by a failure real or imagined or merely unexpected and perhaps extreme feedback – warranted or not.

If you’re in the space right now chances are you need to get comfortable.  But to the point you may also need to get cool with falling flat on your face – does the thought give you nightmares?

I’m not surprised as a society, we are preprogrammed from childhood to success – period.  This has given us all such unrealistically  high expectations that many of us never even try to reach higher than we are right now.  Why would we – things are okay – sort of….  but what would happen if you tried to get farther?  If you have already, and it didn’t work, could you admit to a failure and still try again?  If you did:

  • Would your world come to an end?
  • What might come your way as a result if it did?
  • Better yet – what is possible if you tried, but with more structure to support your efforts?

These tough questions demonstrate what coaching is all about – getting underneath what is holding you back and moving it out of your way so that you can succeed.

The process works, and It is working every day for those that take advantage of the amazing resources that are out there – and the best part – they are all human resources.