Common Questions

What is coaching?

Coaching in its best form is a facilitation that assists in the transformation of another.This is a partnership that is thoughtful, client focused and highly productive.

It is also important to know what the coach or the coaching process is not:

  • Therapy – in therapy your counselor seeks to understand in a level that is diagnostic a coach does not fix a client. Coaches are trained to see and support the unique gifts of all their clients.
  • Mentoring – a mentor shows the way, a coach supports the way as defined by the goals of the client.
  • Consulting – a consult is a specialist, seeking to remedy a situation that is not what the client wants. A coach while an excellent resource always strives to support clients as they tap into their own inner resources to reach their highest potential.
  • Training – A trainer enforces a plan, the roadmap that is trained is not self-directed or uniquely personal.

While some coaches are also therapists or mental health counselors most are not.

You should always work with a coach that has been trained by an accredited program. Coaches that have received their training from a school accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) will also ascribe to rigorous professional standards, you can learn more at